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Outster FAQ

Welcome to Outster, the innovative and easy-to-use adult counter. You may have some questions about the way our counter graphics work, or what services we offer. Here we will answer the most common ones.

Q: I like the quick and easy aspects of Outster. What other counters complement Outster's features?

A: Just like you, we find that having two counters on a page is a great way to get just enough information to make good traffic decisions. Between Outster and SexTracker, you will have both the simple, fast statistics of Outster, and the more in-depth statistics and veritable tool chest of services SexTracker provides. With these two counters on your page, you won't need anything else!

Q: What are your plans for future development of Outster?

A: Outster is all about simplicity. We make understanding your web site statistics easier and faster. We have found that many competitive counters are becoming more and more complicated to use, so we want you to always be able to count on pure power and pure simplicity from Outster!


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Counter images graciously provided by Citiboyz, Premium Gay Content.

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